Colorado Ranch Mada

Colorado Ranch Mada – Experience The Unique Combination of Ranch Living and Vegan Cuisine!

About Our Ranch

Ranch Mada is located in Granby, Colorado. It is owned by me, Fernando Mada and my wife Diana. We’ve lived in Colorado for more than 15 years but we would often winter in Arizona or New Mexico. A few years ago we made the decision to stop being snowbirds and become real Colorado residents!

Because we are local, our facilities are modest. But what they lack in fanciness they make up for authenticity. 

There is one other thing that we have that other ranchers don’t. Our entire operation is vegan. Now, we do have animals that work but we believe that the treatment is fair and we consider it a job in exchange for food and shelter. We see our horses the same way we see our barn cat. Both work for their pay (food, water, shelter) but both earn a fair wage for their fair labor!

All our cuisine is 100% animal friendly and vegan. Our saddles are synthetic, as are our boots. 

Diana is a great cook and has been cooking vegan cuisine for more than 20 years. Her specialty is southern comfort food- but with a vegan twist! 

Our rates are fair but you should check out our pricing page for details. 

Our ranch is also home to a variety of animals that have been abandoned or removed from factory farm conditions.  

A young Fernando and Diana Mada.
A young Fernando and Diana Mada.

Why Should You Visit Our Ranch?

If you are an animal-lover, we think you’ll love our ranch. We offer vegan friendly Colorado ranch living. This is truly a unique offering! We don’t know of anyone else who offers this unique combination of the great outdoors and a human lifestyle!

Animals at Our Ranch

We have a diversity of animals we take care of – from cats and dogs to horses and alpaca. While we aren’t an official farm sanctuary we do have several animals that have been adopted from farm settings. 


A Vision For The Future

At Ranch Mada we believe that we can have the best of both worlds. We believe you can have ranch living while still promoting a humane and just society. Historically, ranch living has often including some harsh treatment of animals. Used for food and forced to work until death or disease, ranches were often a place of animal suffering. 

At Ranch Mada, we want to show the world that it can be different. We use animals to help us work and tend to our crops but we do so in a humane and sustainable way. We share our ranch with animals rather than treat them as slaves and food. 

Sound pretty radical? We think so too! Come check us out!